What Is a Dataset in Metric Insights?

In Metric Insights, data is presented to user in the form of Dataset Views. Datasets function as a layer between the connected source data and Elements that users create in Metric Insights. This functionality gives the ability to interact with data even if a user has little to no understanding of the structure of the source database or knowledge of SQL and other technical background. 

Users can load data into Datasets from:

  • Plugins
  • JDBC connections
  • CSV files
  • Other Datasets

Before loading data to Metric Insights in the form of a Dataset by using a Plugin, users can pre-filter it to limit the data values to be uploaded to Metric Insights and focus exclusively on a segment of that interests them the most. This can be accomplished through setting external Filters. Users can then utilize these Filters for filtering across External Reports and Bursts to flexibly customize the display of visualizations.