How Can I Organize Content?

The created content can be organized into Categories, Folders, and Favorites.

Type Purpose Access and Visibility
  • Used for security and for grouping Tiles on the Homepage usually based on desired criteria; e.g., a Business Unit, User type, content type
  • Every Element must belong to a Category
  • Users see Categories that contain content to which they have access
  • Empty Categories are not displayed
  • Categories can be hidden
  • Used for collection and organization of content for a specific audience of subscribed Users
  • Contains content from one or more Categories
  • Used for simplifying a Catalog if Categories are hidden and Users sees only subscribed Folders
  • Sent as a Bursts if desired
  • Folders can be either private or shared, depending on their configuration
  • Users only see content in a Folder that they have permission to view
  • If a Folder is included in a Burst, a given User only sees content to which the person has View or Edit Access
  • Is a self-curated Default folder to which Users can add content that interests them the most by clicking  a star (⭐) 
  • Can be included in Favorites Digests sent on a selected schedule
Is individual for each specific User; one Favorite folder only for each user