Create a Dimensioned Multi-Metric

Dimensioned Multi-Metric can be created using the same procedure as for an Undimensioned Multi-Metric, except that once you designate the Multi-Metric as being "Dimensioned", only Undimensioned Metrics and those Metrics dimensioned by the same value will be available for inclusion.

For more details on how to create an Undimensioned Multi-Metric, check here

1. Create a New Multi-Metric

Access +New > Metric > Multi-Metric

  1. Name: Give the Multi-Metric a descriptive name
  2. Dimension by: Select a Dimension from the drop-down menu
  3. Category: Choose the Category to which place the Multi-Metric
  4. [Next: Define Details] to open the Multi-Metric Editor.

2. Complete the Info Tab

  1. Select this checkbox to migrate content using our Export/Import Migration Scripts
  2. Visible: Choose whether the Multi-Metric will be visible in Search results and on Mobile devices
  3. Description: This field defaults from the Name, but if this is not sufficiently descriptive, you may change it
  4. Certified: Certification is a means for Admin and Power Users to identify elements that have been approved as being valid and accurate
  5. Tags: Tags are used to relate Elements to each other for purposes of identifying similar Charts when the See Related drop-down list in the Metric Viewer is populated allowing a more in-depth analysis of trends

3. Add Metrics

Open the Metric to Chart tab

  1. [+ New Metric]
  2. Metric name: Select the Metric from the dropdown that contains Undimensioned Metrics and Metrics dimensioned by the same Dimension as your Multi-Metric
  3. Select visual charting options for this Multi-Metric
  4. [Save] the changes

Repeat those steps to add as many Metrics as necessary.

4. Check the Grid

Click [Enable & Publish] to view resulting Chart.

To make some changes to the Chart appearance – go to the Charting or Advanced tabs. The functionality there is the same as for the regular Metrics, so for more details, check the Metric Editor Overview article.