Create a Dimensioned Multi-Metric

You create a Dimensioned Multi-Metric using the same procedure as for an Undimensioned Multi-Metric, except that once you designate the Multi-Metric as being 'Dimensioned', only Undimensioned Metrics and those Metrics dimensioned by the same value will be available for inclusion.

For more details, view lesson on Creating a non-dimensional Multi-Metric here

1. Access New >Metric > Multi-Metric

Access New > Multi-Metric
  1. Select a Dimension from drop-down
  2. [Next: Define Details] to display the full Multi-Metric Editor.
  1. [6.1.0] As of Release 6.1.0, it is possible to flag elements and then Migrate Content using our Export/Import Migration Scripts. Click for details:  Scripted Migration via Category and Element Editors
  2. Create a unique Name for the Multi-Metric
  3. The Description field defaults from the Name, but if this is not sufficiently descriptive, you may change it
  4. Assign the Multi-Metric to a Category to indicate where you would like your element to appear in the Home Page
  5. Certified: Certification is a means for Admin and Power Users to identify elements that have been approved as being valid and accurate. For details refer to:  Certifying an Element
  6. Tags (are referred to as Topics in Versions prior to 5.1): Tags / Topics are used to relate elements to each other for purposes of identifying similar Charts when the See Related drop-down list in the Metric Viewer is populated allowing a more in-depth analysis of trends. For details refer to:  Create a Topic / Tag

Next: Access the Metrics to Chart tab

2. Add a Metric to the Chart

  1. Open the Metrics to the Chart tab
  2. Click [+ New Metric]

The Add Metric to Chart screen opens.

3. Select Metrics from the drop-down

Select Metrics from the drop-down
  1. The Metric Name drop-down contains Undimensioned Metrics and Metrics dimensioned by the same Dimension as your Multi-Metric
  2. Select charting options for this metric

Save and repeat to add metrics as needed.

4. The Metric grid with your choices will be created

5. Specify the charting options in the 'Charting'  and 'Advanced' tabs

  1. Set any additional 'Charting Preferences' for the full Chart
  2. Change any  of the 'Advanced Settings'  that you wish

Click Enable & Publish to view resulting Chart

6. Review the Chart

7.  Example of how all dimensions of a single metric can be displayed on one chart using a Multi-Metric.

  1. Add each dimension as a separate metric
  2. Example of Multi-Metric chart for all dimensions of  Weekly Sales by Country Metric