Certifying an Element (prior versions)

Version 6.3.1 introduces Certification Levels for elements. See Certification Levels for Elements (6.3.1) instead of this article.

Certification is a means for Admin and Power Users to identify elements that have been approved as being valid and accurate. The Certified icon will be displayed on tiles on the Homepage.

Based on the setting in the Config Variables (step 3), this field may be used to filter or group your displayed tiles.

To view how to Certify other Metric Insight Objects, see  Certifying Objects Other Than Elements.

1. Homepage display

Homepage display

2. Setting Certification on the element Editors

Setting Certification on the element Editors

3. The Certification variables

The Certification variables
  1. Go to Admin > Utilities > Config Variables
  2. Filter out the variables by 'certif'. Two variables should be available:
  3. Click the Gear icon in the corresponding row if you wish to change the Assigned Value:


  • If 'Y'  un-certified elements display a note on Hover-over
  • If 'N'  un-certified elements do not indicate their un-certified status

        ENABLE_CERTIFICATION_FILTERING: Must be set to 'Y' to allow filtering/grouping on Homepage.

  1. Commit Changes

3.1. Certification variables in action

Certification variables in action
  1. Certification filtering is enabled by the ENABLE_CERTIFICATION_FILTERING variable
  2. Tile not certified note is enabled by the MARK_UNCERTIFIED_ELEMENTS variable