Set a Currency Prefix for a Dimension Value

Each Dimension Value can have its own Currency Prefix.  This makes it possible for a Measurement Value to be stated in the currency of the country in which the results occurred.  

When you are assigning a Currency Prefix to a Dimension Value, if the currency symbol you require is not already defined in the system you may add it. See Add a New Currency Prefix.

Below is an illustration of the settings that control Currency Prefixes as well as the steps required to assign a symbol to a Dimension Value.

1. Confirm that the Dimension Supports individual Currency Prefixes

  1. Open the Advanced tab of the Dimension Editor
  2. Verify that Include individual currency prefix is set to 'yes'

This ensures that each Dimension Value can have its own Currency Prefix.

2. Edit the Dimension Value

  1. Open the Info tab
  2. Page down to the Dimension Values section
  3. Select the Dimension Value from the list and click the Gear icon (Edit Value) in the respective row

The Edit Dimension Value pop-up opens.

2.1. Open the Currency Prefix Pick-List

  1. Default Currency Prefix is 'US Dollar'
  2. You are free to select any other currency as prefix

Save your changes on the pop-up.

3. Changes are reflected in Dimension Values grid

4. Verify the Currency symbol at the Chart

Verify the Currency symbol at the Chart

Do not forget to Update the Live Chart in the Metric Editor to see the result.

When the Chart is generated, you should see the new Currency Symbol at the Y-axis.


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