Add a New Currency Symbol

Metric Insights instances are configured with the top 20 currencies in use worldwide. If you require other currency symbols, these may be added whenever you Create or Edit a Dimension Value. A Currency Prefix may be a symbol or a phrase.


A Dimension must be configured to allow a Currency Prefix to be associated with an individual Dimension Value. See Set a Currency Prefix for Dimension Values for more details.

1. Access Content > Dimensions > select a Dimension

From the Dimension Values table, access the currency symbol details for a dimension by either:

  1. Editing an existing Dimension Value: Click the Gear icon in the respective row.
  2. Creating a new Dimension Value: Click [+ New Dimension value] at the bottom of the page.

2. Initiate creating a new Currency

Move to the bottom of the Currency Prefix drop-down list and select the Add New Currency option.

3. Add Currency pop-up will appear

Add Currency pop-up will appear
  1. Enter the symbol
  2. Enter the country and currency name in the format: country: currency name

Save your entry.

4. Your new Currency Prefix is added to a Dimension Value

Your new Currency Prefix is added to a Dimension Value

Save the changes made.

5. Dimension Values grid reflects new Currency Prefix