Setting Currency Prefix for a Dimension Value

Metric Insights has the functionality that allows a Measurement Value to be stated in the currency of the country in which the results occurred, by assigning a Currency Prefix to the Dimension Value. This article describes how to assign a Currency Prefix to the Dimension Value.

When you assign a Currency Prefix to a Dimension Value, if the required currency symbol is not already defined, it can be added. For details, see Add a New Currency Symbol article.

1. Confirm that the Dimension Supports Individual Currency Prefixes

Access Dimension Editor and open the Advanced tab

Verify that Include individual currency prefix field is set to "Yes".

This ensures that each Dimension Value can have its own Currency Prefix.

2. Edit the Dimension Value

Open the Info tab and scroll the page down to the Dimension Values section

  1. Select the Dimension Value from the list and click the gear icon in the respective row
  2. Currency prefix: Select currency from the dropdown menu
  3. [Save]


3. Check the Changes in Dimension Values Grid

The symbol of selected currency is shown in the grid.

4. Verify the Currency Symbol in the Chart

Do not forget to [Update] the Live Chart in the Metric Editor to see the result.

When the Chart is generated, the new Currency Symbol appears on the Y-axis.