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Add a Total or Subtotal to a Simple Dimension

At the Dimension level, an Administrator can include a total that accumulates all data for each Measurement Time.  For Dimensioned Metrics, this results in a Total tile and chart being generated.  At a Dimensioned Metric level, you can exclude the display of the total tile and chart if it does not "make sense" for a specific Metric.

In Version 4.1 Administrators have an ability to create a subtotal dimension value that is made up summing subset of other dimension values.

While you can use this dimension with any element in Metric Insights - this feature does not apply to Reports. Since Reports often show data across multiple dimensions and often contain some data that is additive and some that is not, there is no logical method of determining how to build the data set to support a Report's Dimension Total.  

1. Open the Dimension Editor

  1. Access the Info tab
  2. Set Include "total" Dimension Value to 'yes'

2. Configuring the position of a 'Total' Dimension Value

  1. Navigate to the Advanced tab
  2. Place "total" Dimension Value: Specify the position of the Dimension value aggregating total results.

Save your changes.

Dimension Total added to Values grid

"Total" Chart is now available along with other Dimension Values options

"Total" Chart is now available along with other Dimension Values options

3. Adding a Subtotal Dimension value

Сustom Subtotal Dimension Value aggregating the data of several selected Dimension Values can be created within a Dimension.

NOTE: The Subtotal Dimension Value can be added only if the 'total' dimension value has been already created for this Dimension.

In our example, instead of reviewing daily sales data for all countries (Dimension Values) within a 'Country' Dimension, a client may create a dimension value aggregating the data of those countries which are a part of European Union:

  1. Click [+ New Dimension Value]
  2. The Add Dimension Value pop-up opens
  3. Define this Dimension value as "Aggregate"
  4. Provide the dimension value with a descriptive Name
  5. Specify whether this aggregate Metric should be shown as a separate tile at the Homepage

Save your entry.

3.1. Specify Dimension Values that should be included

  1. Click Add Content
  2. The Add Content to Custom Total pop-up opens
  3. Check the boxes for Dimension Values whose data should be aggregated for a new common value
  4. Click Add Selected

3.2. Save the changes made

3.3. A new Chart with aggregated data is now available in the Dimension Values drop-down list and at the Homepage