Update Dimension Values with auto-delete feature

As of Release 5.5.0, Metric Insights introduces a new setting allowing Users to automatically remove Dimension Values sourced from a Dataset if, during update, these Values are not found in the results set.

While this article details how to activate and use the auto-delete for Dimension Values sourced from a Dataset, this setting can be used to update Dimension Values sourced from any Configurable Data Source.


A sample Use Case is described below.

[Use Case]: Customer acquisitions

Let's say we need a Dimension with automatically updated Values. These Values represent accounts of Users who have registered for our service. We will Dimension Reports by these account names. Each week the list of account names will be updated via a Data Collection Trigger. So, the old names will be deleted and the new ones collected automatically.

The workflow to use:

  1. Create a Dimension sourced from a Dataset (prerequisite)
  2. Select (or create) a Trigger to update Dimension Values
  3. Activate the auto-delete feature
  4. Make sure the Dataset (acting as a Dimension source) is updated before the Dimension
  5. Wait for the source Dataset data to be refreshed and the new Dimension Values collected

1. Select the Trigger to update Dimension Values

Before enabling the auto-delete for Values of a certain Dimension, specify the Data Collection Trigger that will run updates for that Dimension.

In the Dimensions Editor > Info tab:

  1. From the dropdown, choose the Trigger that will update the list of Dimension Values at set time intervals
  2. Alternatively, create a new Data Collection Trigger

For details, see Create a Data Collection Trigger (Scheduled / Externally Triggered).

2. Activate auto-delete for Dimension Values

To access the auto-delete setting:

  1. Go to the Dimensions Editor > Advanced tab > Other section
  2. "Delete Dimension Values not Found in result set": set to "yes"

3. Source Dataset must be updated before Dimension

For the auto-delete setting to work correctly:

  • The Dimension Values Trigger should run AFTER the source Dataset Trigger.

To check update Triggers:

  1. Go to Dimension Editor > Info tab > verify Dimension Values Trigger
  2. Go to Dataset Editor > Data tab > verify Source Dataset Trigger

4. Review the Dimension Values update

As illustrated by the image above, the "Australia" Value has been removed from the Values list after the Values Source (Dataset) has been updated.