Set up API Access

To configure your Metric Insights instance for API Access, you should create a secret key by the means of which your API client can access the data.

Once you set up API Access you can use most of the API calls. A few calls are unavailable until you set up specific access for them.

Steps 4 and 5 describe what they are and how to enable access for them. In general, this includes access to the user API as well as access to all API calls from external web sites (typically via JavaScript).

1. Access Admin Menu > System > External Applications

Access Admin Menu > Credentials > External Applications
  1. Select [+ New External Application] from list of existing External Applications
  2. Define the name of an External Application
  3. Save your entry.

The External Application Editor opens.

2. Define the External Application

Define the External Application
  1. Enable your API
  2. Click Show Credentials
  3. The Application ID and Application key are now available to you

3. To enable User API calls

To enable User API calls
  1. Set User management access to 'yes'

3.1. If 'User management access' is inactive

If 'User management access' is inactive

If User management access is not enabled (as shown in Step 3), then user API calls will fail.

A sample error message returned in the API Toolkit with status code 401 Unauthorized

4. To enable API calls from External Web Sites

To enable API calls from External Web Sites
  1. Set Cross Domain Access to 'yes'
  2. Once this option is enabled, a new dynamic field appears on the page.
  3. Click [+ New Cross Domain Origin] to add specific web sites that will access the API

For more information see the Overview of Hosting JavaScript charts externally and How to Host your own JavaScript charts

4.1. Cross Domain Origins added

Cross Domain Origins added
  1. Save