Chrome browser REST client

There are a number of client applications that you can use to test calls to the Metric Insights API.  Options include the API Tool that comes with the Metric Insights application or use one of your favorites.

This article gives brief introduction to using the Chrome browser Advanced REST Client.

1. Download the Chrome Advance REST Client

Download the Chrome Advance REST Client
  1. Search for Chrome Advanced REST Client
  2. Add it as a plugin to your Chrome browser

2. Advanced Rest Client

Advanced Rest Client

From this client you can specify

  1. URL
  2. HTTP Method (GET, POST, ...)
  3. HTTP Headers
  4. Payload HTTP Body

Typically when testing the Metrics Insight API,  provide the following items:

  1. URL you are testing (e.g., /api/get_token or /api/user)
  3. Headers such as: Accept: application/json, Token: <your token value>
  4. JSON Body for your request if POST or PUT