Upload Dimension Values using a CSV File

Dimensions with a large number of Dimension Values can be populated directly from a CSV file.

If you have a limited number of Dimension Values, the easiest way is to create a new value is to follow the procedure described in this article: Create a Dimension with Manually Entered Values.

For more information on creating a new Dimension see: Understanding Dimensions


SIMPLE Dimension:  Confirm that the CSV file that you plan to use contains only two columns:

  • Key Value with format the conforms to the Dimension Editor's setting of "Integer" or "Text"
  • Display Value

PARENT/CHILD Dimension:  Confirm that the source CSV file contains only three columns:

  • Child Dimension Key Value  
  • Child Dimension Display Value
  • Parent Dimension Key Value

1. Access Content > Dimensions > [+ New Dimension]

  1. Ensure that the <Dimension Name> Value Source field is set to 'Manual/CSV Data'
  2. Below the Dimension Values section, click Load from file

The Load From File pop-up opens.

2. Select a file from your directory and import

Select a file from your directory and import
  1. Confirm that the Delimiter character is the same as in the source CSV file
  2. Select the CSV file containing the data from your local platform
  3. Define the system behavior in case the file contains Values previously added to Dimension:
    • 'Keep Existing Values': the uploaded value is ignored for existing values
    • 'Update Existing Values': the uploaded value replaces the existing value

Once the required file is selected, click Import

If necessary, download and modify our Sample CSV file

If necessary, download and modify our Sample CSV file

To enter Dimension Values in the CSV file when unsure about ihe required format, click sample CSV file link to obtain CSV file, save it and enter the required data

3. Review the results of Import

NOTE: If any errors are encountered in the CSV file, the system provides information on the issues found

  1. Click OK to close the results pop-up
  2. Click Cancel to close the Load from File pop-up and cancel file upload

4. Dimension Values Grid is populated

Newly uploaded values appear and may be edited directly from the Dimension Values Grid.