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Creating a Dimension and Adding Dimension Values Manually

Creating a Dimensioned Element allows you to generate separate visualizations of your organization's individual divisions, subsidiaries or other enitites.  This article describes how to create a Dimension and populate it with Dimension Values manually.

In order to create an Element that is Dimensioned, you must have established at least one Dimension that is populated with its Dimension Values. For example, your organization may conduct business in five countries, so a "Country" Dimension is created with a Dimension Value for each; e.g., United States, France, China, Canada, Mexico.

1. Start Adding New Dimension

Access Content > Dimensions

  1. [+New Dimension]
  2. Name: Enter a descriptive name for the Dimension
  3. Parent Dimension: For more information on Parent/Child Dimensions, refer to Parent/Child Dimensions
  4. Combine existing Dimensions: Define either this Dimension will be Simple or Compound
  5. Dimension Key Values are: Specify either the Values are numeric or text
  6. Value Source: Select "Manual/CSV Data" option from the dropdown list
  7. [Save] this entries to create the Dimension.

2. Add Dimension Values

  1. [+ New Dimension Value]
  2. Key value: Enter the Value
  3. Display value: Type a Display Value that is shown on the tiles
  4. Show as tile: Select "yes" to generate a Tile for this Dimension on the Homepage or "no" if no Tile should be created
  5. [Save] your changes.

Repeat this process to add as many Dimension Values as needed.

NOTE: If you are creating a Child Dimension, you will also have to define the Parent Dimension here.

3. Check the Result

Added Dimension values are shown in the Dimension Values grid.