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Create a Dimension with values sourced from a Dataset View

This article outlines the process used to create a Dimension with Dimension Values created automatically from a Dataset.


This article is based on Version 5.0.5. For earlier versions, see Create a Dimension with values sourced from a Dataset (Versions prior to 5.0.5)

Challenge: Source Dimension Values from a Dataset column

In the Dataset find the column that contains the required Dimension Values.

Open the Dataset that is going to serve as a source for a future Dimension and find a column that contains the values to be fetched as Dimension Values

[Optionally] Exclude unnecessary rows (values) by applying filters

  1. Add as many filters as necessary and make sure that the required column in the Results set contains only those values that should be fetched Dimension Values. For more details refer to: Dataset Viewer (select fields /  define derived fields and filters)
  2. Save as a View or Save changes in the View that you have been working with.

1. Access Actions menu > New Dimension

2. Define the basics

Provide the basic Dimension definition information:

  1. Name: should be unique and descriptive
  2. Key Value Column: Choose the name of the Dataset column that contains the required values
    1. Only text columns are displayed in this field
  3. Display Value Column: Choose a Dataset column with Display Values (often the same as above)

Result: You are redirected to the Dimension Editor with collected Dimension Values

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