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Create a Data Collection Trigger (Scheduled / Externally Triggered)

This article outlines how to create a new data collection trigger to run based on a pre-specified schedule.  The same process can be used when defining existing collection triggers

1. Access Admin menu > Data Collection Triggers

At the bottom of the page click [+ New Data Collection Trigger]

2. Define the basics of a new trigger

Define the basics of a new trigger

The Data Collection Trigger pop-up opens.

  1. Data Collection Scope: This trigger can be applied either to elements (Reports, Metrics, etc.) or Dimension Values. This choice can be made at this step only and once saved cannot be altered.
  2. Name: should be unique and descriptive. NOTE: In versions prior to 4.1 trigger names could not contain spaces, caps and other characters.
  3. Data collection based on:

[Option 1] Scheduled data collection

  1. Provide the Interval and unit that will determine how often the trigger is executed.
  2. Specify whether the trigger should run as early as possible in the period (day, week, etc..)  or if it should only be run after a specific time.

[Option 2] Data collection initiated by External Trigger

If you choose to perform data collection upon the External Trigger, a URL is to be displayed at the field below. You can use this URL with other integrations.

3. Save the Changes

Note that the trigger will not automatically start at the pre-specified schedule if there are Trigger Dependencies or Data Dependencies which have not been satisfied.  

A schedule-based trigger will be started after the specified time ONLY once all associated dependencies have been satisfied.

For more information see: Establish dependencies between Data Collection Triggers

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NOTE: The same logic applies to automatic update of Dimensioned / Undimensioned Metrics