Configure a Data Storage

A Data Storage is a MSSQL/MySQL server that stores Datasets. This article describes how to configure and initialize your Data Storage.

Staring v6.3.1, there is a new DATA_STORAGE_HEALTH_CHECK_TIMEOUT Variable available under Admin > System > System Variables.

It sets the time (in seconds) to wait for a response from Data Storage. If exceeded, Data Storage will be considered DOWN. The default value is 30.

For more details on setting System Variables, refer to this article.

1. Access Admin > Collection & Storage > Data Storage

The list page containing all Data Storages available in the system opens.

Below the grid, select [+ New Data Storage].

2. Create a New Data Storage

  1. Enter a Name for your Data Storage
  2. Storage Type: specify whether your Dataset Storage is a MySQL or MSSQL database
  3. Node Name: enter the name of the Local DP node
  4. Username/Password: provide the credentials of your MySQL/MSSQL Server database
  5. Provide Hostname and Port of your MySQL/MSSQL server
  6. Enter the Database name
  7. JDBC driver: choose a JDBC driver from the dropdown
  8. JDBC string is generated automatically based on the options you have selected for the Data Storage
  9. You can use a Proxy to connect to the Data Storage:
  10. [Save]

3. Provide Data Storage Parameters

  1. Data Upload Type:
    • JDBC: a regular SQL INSERT
    • Via SQL Agent: to use this upload type you need to install SQL Agent
      • Agent Endpoint: provide a path to the host where the Agent has been installed
      • Provide the SQL Agent Password
      • Microsoft SQL Server CSV folder path: a folder where CSV files are saved on the SQL Server host
    • Shared Folder: a CSV file is uploaded to a shared folder on the Windows server available to both SQL server and docker container
      • Microsoft SQL Server CSV folder path: a folder where CSV files are saved on the SQL Server host
      • Shared folder mount path:
        • /opt/mi/shared/ for Simple Installations
        • For Orchestrated Environments the shared folder is defined by the installer options:
          • --shared-drive-address <IP address of the NFS server>
          • --shared-drive-folder <path to the shared folder on the NFS server>
    • Local Folder: a CSV file is uploaded to the /tmp folder in the dataprocessor container using the JDBC driver bulk copy
  2. Available to all content creators: enable this parameter to allow all Power Users to use this Data Storage
  3. Median Aggregation Available: enable this parameter to be able to use median aggregation for Datasets and Metrics
  4. [Test Connection]
  5. [Initialize] the database to be able to save Datasets to it