Establish dependencies between Data Collection Triggers

It is sometimes necessary to set the completion of one data collection trigger as a dependency for starting a second trigger.  

Typical situations where this functionality is required are:

  1. You want to ensure that weekly and monthly data collection triggers start after the daily collection trigger finishes so that all the daily data is available for summaries that are based on collected data in Metric Insights.
  2. You want to define a daily event which contains composite reports and you want to ensure that the data for the source reports has already been collected so you make completion of the core reporting event a dependency to the composite reporting data collection event.

Add a New Data Collection Trigger Dependency

  1. Click [+ New Trigger Dependency]
  2. The Add Trigger Dependency pop-up opens
  3. Choose a dependency from the drop-down list

Save your entry.

Specify the Trigger Dependency that must be satisfied

Specify the Trigger Dependency that must be satisfied
  1. Select what Data Collection Trigger must complete before the current event can start
  2. Save your changes

Note that you can add multiple dependencies to a data collection event and that ALL dependencies must be satisfied before the event starts.