Recollect Data for a Data Collection Trigger

Sometimes historical data in a source system is re-stated or corrected.  This means your Metrics and Reports sourced from this data will need to be re-run to reflect these changes.  One simple way to do this in Metric Insights is to manually re-run a data collection trigger using the Refetch historical data feature.


If you find your historical data is often changing and would rather have your elements automatically refresh their historical instance, use one of these methods:

  • the ':last_measurement_time' bind variable for metrics
  • the ":measurement_time' bind variable for report

1. Access a Data Collection Trigger Editor

Access a Data Collection Trigger Editor

Access Admin > Data Collection Triggers

  1. Click Refetch historical data to recollected historical data for the elements associated with this Trigger
  2. The Trigger now button is used to run this trigger now and collect only current data

2. Specify data to be collected and for which Elements

Specify data to be collected and for which Elements
  1. Delete Data Collected Since: Enter the date of how far back the process should start.  For Hourly and Minute data collection intervals, also enter time. All data from the specified date/time will be removed and replaced by newly collected data.
  2. Click Select to initiate the process of data collection for the selected elements

2.1. Review the data to be collected

Review the data to be collected

A Clear Collected Values pop-up is displayed showing:

  • The list of elements affected
  • How many Metric values and/or Report instances will be deleted and re-collected

Once you click OK to confirm, the system displays a message while deleting the data that will be re-stated.

2.2. Review the rules to be applied

Review the rules to be applied

Click OK

3. View "Current Run" tab

Review Data Collection Trigger Editors buttons and grids

Once you have clicked OK to proceed, the buttons change as follows:

  1. Abort Collection button: While the Trigger is running, you can abort at any time; the collection in-process for an Element completes and no other Element fetches are started
  2. Trigger Queued To Start button: Changes to Trigger Running Now as soon as the first Element's fetch is in progress

To follow the progress of data collection, open the Current Run tab:

  • The banner at the top of the tab provides the status of data collection procedure and the time it started
  • All elements for which data is currently being collected are shown in the Currently Running Data Collection grid
  • Elements for which the procedure is complete are shown in the Processing complete grid

4. Information after completion

Information on the current Run
  1. Once the trigger completes, a corresponding message is shown at the banner at the top of the tab, displaying the status of data collection procedure, time when completed, number of elements processed and if there have been any errors
  2. A grid of elements Completed during last run is displayed for both elements and Datasets/User Maps
  3. The buttons at the top of the Editor return to their normal labels and state

5. Data Collection Triggers statuses

Data Collection Triggers statuses

Statuses of all Triggers can be quickly reviewed at the Data Collection Triggers table, with each Trigger being highlighted with a corresponding color.