How to link to Other External Content

This article describes creating a new 'External Content' that will be linked from a Metric Insights. If you wish to drill to External content based on dimension values, look at how to set up drill paths for external reports.

NOTE: The format of the External Content Editor is slightly different in Version 3.

1. Access New > External Content

Access New > External Content

Even though the report is already created in your external BI tool, Metric Insights still needs to know a couple of things about this particular content:

  1. Category (optional)
  2. Topic (optional)
  3. In this case, we'll just use a static web page that we've created for the purpose of this example:

That way, if you're looking at another monthly report that happens to look at some measure, your external content report will also show up to the user as a related report.

Next: define details

2. Select where to display the content

Select where to display the content
  1. Select to display your content in either Metric Insights 'Viewer' or on the 'external web page'
  2. Click Upload image file to display pop-up where you can add a Reference Image

3. Choose your Reference image

Take a screenshot of your report and upload it as the preview image. This image should be a .png file and to avoid distortion should have a width to height ratio of 1.8 (in other words, the width is nearly twice the height).

4. Verify the new external content

Verify the new external content

Now that it's enabled, make sure the new external content tile is available on the Homepage. Double clicking the report should take you to the URL you expect.


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