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Applying Workflow to a KPI Alert Rule

In Metric Insights, the User can apply a Workflow to an Alert Rule to track actions that have been taken after the Alert fired. Alert Workflows can be applied to existing Alert Rules and to newly created ones. This article describes how to apply Workflows to Alert Rules.

Create an Alert Workflow


  • Admin Users: can create KPI Alerts with a Workflow, assign / reassign / edit  Workflows for ANY existing KPI Alerts.
  • Power Users: can create KPI Alerts with a Workflow, assign / reassign Workflows to those KPI Alerts that they have created.
  • Regular User:  no access to KPI Alert Editor.
Privileges Admin User Power User Regular User
Create an Alert Workflow yes no no access
Assign/Reassign an Alert Workflow yes yes no access
Edit an Alert Workflow yes no no access
Create KPI Alerts yes yes yes

Applying Workflow to an Existing KPI Alert

1. Open Assigned KPI Alert Rules

Access the Metric Viewer

  1. Click the Alert icon. The pop-up displaying any Alert rules assigned for this Metric will be shown
  2. If no Alert Rules are assigned to this Metric, create one by clicking [+ New Rule]

2. Open Metric Editor

  1. To open the Metric Editor, click the gear icon
  2. Move to the Alerting tab
  3. Find the Alert Rules associated with this Metric section

Power Users Note: If you are a KPI Alert Rule creator, it is going to be colored in blue and its name is going to be clickable. If you click it, you are going to be redirected to the KPI Alert Editor.

3. Go to the Alert Editor

Open the Subscriptions & Alert Workflows tab

Click Assign new Alert Workflow and in an opened pop-up choose one of the Workflows from the drop-down list. [Finish] to save the changes.

Applying Workflow While Creating a New KPI Alert

1. Access Metric Viewer

Click the alert icon and in the opened pop-up click [+ New Rule].

2. Notification Settings

  1. Once you define the Alert Criteria and Content, your final step (4 - Notification) implies setting up distribution method, frequency and whether any Alert Workflow should be applied to it
  2. Choose one of the previously defined Alert Workflows from the drop-down list
  3. Admin User option. You can add a new Alert Workflow on the fly by clicking the Plus button. A "New Workflow" with default system settings is going to be applied to an Alert. You can further edit it in the Alert Workflow Editor
  4. [Finish]