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Sending Report as an Alert Payload

You can send a detailed Report or an External Report (Visualization) to provide Users with more information on the Alert cause.

The starting point for Alert generation is always a Metric.  Once you create a Metric to trigger Alerts, you can perform additional functions.  

The whole process comprises:

  1. Building a Metric
  2. Configuring an Alert Rule
  3. Adding a Report to an Alert payload

1. Build a Metric

Access New > Metric > Create New

To learn more about creating Metrics, refer to:

2. Create an Alert Rule

Access via Metric Viewer

  1. Click the [Alert icon]
  2. [+ New Rule] to access the Alert wizard

3. Define Alert Content Settings

After defining the Alert Type in Type tab:

  1. Proceed to Content tab
  2. In the Alert Payload dropdown select "Other element"

For more information, see Types of Alert Rules

4. Add a Report or External Report to Payload

  1. Choose the specific element
  2. Preview the Alert message to make sure it contains the required Report