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Subscribing to Alerts for Dimensioned Metrics

Dimensioned Elements allow you to apply the Alert Rule either to ALL Dimension Values, to a SINGLE Dimension value; or vary your Alerts based on specific requirements per different  Dimension values.

This article covers:

[Example 1] Alert on ALL Dimensions vs a SINGLE Dimension

[Example 1] Alert on ALL dimensions vs. a SINGLE dimension

When you add an Element to your Alert Subscriptions, the default is to apply the Alerts to 'All Dimensions', but you can change this scope and apply Alert Rules to your choice of Dimensions.

Example shows:

  1. More than 500 Alert will be active for 3 Dimension Values - Germany, Spain, Australia
  2. More than 10% Alert will only be active for ALL Dimension Values
  3. More than 400 is only active for 1 Dimension Value - United Kingdom

This allows you to assign unique Alert Rules to each dimension Values: therefore, customize and automate Data analysis.

NOTE: You will only be able to alert or display alerts for those dimensions to which you have access.

[Example 2] Different Delivery Methods for Each Rule

Alerts for each Dimension value (in our example, each country) may have a different delivery method.

To change the delivery method, define distribution method and frequency.

Setting Up Different Alert Rules to Individual Dimensions

1. Open Dimension Viewer

Access Dimensioned Metric Viewer > Alert Rules

2. Define the Alert Rule Scope

When the Alert for a Dimensioned Value is created, it is automatically assigned to ALL Dimension Values. To change this setting:

  1. In the Alert Rules list choose the Alert Rule and click the Dimension icon as shown at the screen above.
  2. Select the scope of this Alert Rule:
    • "Only active Dimensioned Value" (the Dimension Value for which the Metric Chart is currently open is going to be specified here)
    • "All Values"
    • "Selected Values" (see below)
  3. If the "Selected Values" option is chosen:
    • Choose Values one-by-one by selecting it from the Available Dimensions list and  clicking ">"
    • To subscribe to all values at once, click ">>". The same logic applies to reverse actions.

3. Create Other Alerts and Define Their Scope and Delivery Methods