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Setting Up Alert Notifications (Digest / Immediate)

In Metric Insights, Users can set Immediate Alert Notifications and add Alerts to the Alerts Digest via the My Notification section of their User menu. This article walks you through the basic setup:

  • for Immediate Alerts
  • for Alert Digests
  • for creating new Alerts via the Alert Editor

To learn how to set up an Alert directly from the Metric Viewer, refer to: Basics for the Alert Wizards - KPI Rules

For more general information on notifications in Metric Insights, refer to: My Notifications - Overview

1. Immediate Alerts

Immediate Alerts allow you to request receiving each Alert as they are generated. This way, you can keep up with the data changes without without any need to open the system.

Access User menu > My Notifications

  1. In the Immediate Alerts row click the gear icon. The Immediate Alerts pop-up opens.
  2. Email for Immediate Alerts: Specify email to which Immediate Alerts will be sent
  3. SMS email for Immediate Alerts: Define the mobile operator email to receive Immediate Alerts via SMS
  4. Also send my Alerts via: Immediate Alerts can also be sent via an alternate method, such as a Email Digest, Phone Alert (if you paired your Web Version with Mobile application) or SMS to provide a backup. See Sending alerts via SMS or MMS for further details on receiving your Alerts via text rather than email
  5. [Save] the changes

2. Alert Digest

This option allows you to receive a complete Alert Digest displaying all Alerts generated since your last Digest.

Access User menu > My Notifications

  1. In the Alert Digest row click the gear icon. The Alert Digest pop-up opens
  2. Email for Digest: Specify the email this digest should be sent to
  3. Send Alert Digest: Define the schedule for sending out the digest. You have the option receive them on any public schedule or you create your own private schedule. For more details, refer to: Creating a new schedule from Notifications screens
  4. [Save] changes

3. Creating New Alerts from the Alert Editor

Access User menu > My Notifications and open the Alerts tab

To create a new Alert [+Add KPI Alert Rule].

Two options are provided for creating a KPI Alert:

  1. New Metric: You first need to go through the procedure of creating a Metric. Once your Metric is built, Enable & Publish it and you will then be guided to create the KPI Alert Rule
  2. Existing Metric: Opens a drop-down list of existing Metrics. Choose a Metric and click Next Step to move on to create an Alert

NOTE: Only Admin and Power Users may select the New Metric option.

3.1. The Alert Wizard

The Alert Wizard

This Wizard will allow Admin and Power Users to create Alert Rules for monitoring data changes. For more details on Wizard steps, refer to New KPI Alert pop-up article.