Understanding Alert Simulation

You can now calculate the number of Alert Notifications that would have been generated based on your historical data. This allow you to adjust the parameters when setting up an Alert to ensure you will the optimum value from your Notifications without excess noise. This simulation works on all types of KPI Alerts including combinations of Alerts. Simulation can be performed on new Alerts as well as existing Alerts.

To calculate / adjust an existing Alert (Content > Alerts > KPI Alerts)
  1. Limit the list by selecting a Metric
  2. Access Editor for the Rule from link

You can now adjust the Criteria and use Simulate to tailor the number of alerts received as described below.

1. When creating a new Alert, Simulation occurs on Step 2

  1. Set Alert Criteria - all Alert types, options, and time periods are supported by the Simulation feature
  2. Set length of Simulation (in this case, Canada was defaulted for Dimension because you were on that Dimension when you choose to create the Alert)
  3. Activate the Simulate button

2. Example of Simulation for a single Dimension

  1. The beta version of Alert Simulation is only able to calculate the number of distinct Alert Events. The current implementation always displays the number of Alerts Events based on the interval = "first time the condition is met". In the above example, you will notice that the most recent Alert is actually an Alert Event that extends over multiple days.

This will be corrected in Release 5.3.1 to display the actual number of Alert notifications generated when the 'Send the Alert' is set to "everytime".

3. Example of Simulation for all Dimension values

  1. You can also choose to display the chart graphic for each Dimension Value by selecting the value in the drop-down.