Creating a Future Projection for a Metric

Projections predict values based on calculation settings that you specify. These Future Projections appear on a special Projection View of your Metric Viewer. This article describes how to add a Future Projection to a Metric.

On the Metric Editor, you can create one or both of the Projections:

  • Future Periods: For a specified number of future periods
  • Partial Period: For the remaining portion of the period, if the Measurement Interval is longer than one day and the Metric supports collecting data for less than a full period. For more information, see Create a Partial Period Projection

1. Open the Metric Editor

Open the Metric Editor
  1. Open the Charting tab
  2. Page down to the Projections section

2. Define Settings

Define settings for future projection - linear regression

To specify the manner in which a Future projection is calculated using the "Linear Regression" formula:

  1. Project future <Measurement Interval> values: Select "yes" option
  2. Project next: Enter how many weeks (months, quarters, etc.) of Projections to be calculated
  3. Project future week using: It can be based on either:
    • "Linear Regression" (Default) using the standard statistical calculation
    • "Historical Trends" (see Step 3)

4.     Line slope set using last: Select how many of last weeks (months, quarters, etc) should be used for calculating future results

[Save & Publish] afterwards.

2.1. Review the Metric Chart

Review the Metric Chart
  1. Open the Projection View
  2. Adjust Time line to display the future
  3. Review the projected future values

3. Define the Historical Trend Projection

Define the Historical Trend Projection

Modify the initial settings:

  1. Project future <Measurement value> using: Select 'historical trend' as an option of projecting future <Measurement Interval>
  2. The base Metric for projecting is: Select "Current Metric" option
  3. Replicate trend: Select a period on which to replicate trend from the drop-down list
  4. Baseline trend to avg. of prior: Enter the number of prior periods to be used to calculate

[Save & Publish] afterwards.

3.1. Review the Metric Chart

Review the Metric Chart

Notice the projected future values displayed are based on historical values rather than linear formula.