Create Multiple Aggregates from a Single Metric

Once you have created a Metric, you can easily create Aggregate Metrics (such as  weekly,monthly, yearly) from the Metric Editor using just a few clicks.

You can aggregate any metric except a Life-to-Date metric [new measure in 5.3]

1. Create a new Metric or access an existing one

On the Metric Editor

  1. Open the Associations tab
  2. Click [+Aggregate Metric]

2. Select the Aggregates you would like to create

  1. Select the aggregation method
  2. Select Interval for a 'calendar' or a 'fiscal' year
  3. Check the boxes for all aggregate intervals needed

Add Metrics

3. Your new metrics will display

Click on the new Metric name(s) to edit and rename them to something instructive (Info tab > Name > Save)

4. Example of the Renamed Aggregate Metric