Adding Compare Lines to Metric Chart

Compare Lines are associated with the settings of Measurement Intervals. For example, the settings defined for the Daily Measurement Interval influence all existing and new Daily Metrics differently. This article covers the basic settings for Compare Lines, which can be added to the existing Charts or will appear as defaults on all newly created Metrics.

If no Compare Lines are assigned to the Measurement Interval, then none are shown on the Metric Chart with this Measurement Interval.

1. Open Override Compare Lines List

Access Admin > Reference Objects > Measurement Intervals and click the Measurement Interval Active Name Link

Open the Override Compare Lines tab which contains all Compare Lines assigned specifically to this Measurement Interval.

2. Compare Lines settings

The Override Compare Lines tab includes 2 grids with each of them serving its specific purpose:

  • Compare Lines grid
  • Standard Compare Lines grid

2.1. Adding Compare Lines

Open the Daily Metric Viewer

Compare Lines grid includes all Compare Lines that can be added to all previously created Metrics of the corresponding Measurement Interval

  1. Open any Metric with Daily Measurement Interval and click its title to open the Viewer
  2. Click Overlay Metrics below the Chart Legend
  3. [+Add Compare Lines] to add Compare Lines assigned to the Daily Measurement Interval. For more details, see Overview of Metric Overlays

2.2. Adding Standard Compare Lines

Configure which Compare lines will be defaulted for all new Metrics with corresponding Measurement Interval

Standard Compare Lines grid includes a list of all Compare Lines that will be added to any newly created Metric of the given Measurement Interval by default.

NOTE: The default Compare Lines can be deleted from the Chart via the Manage Overlays option.