Slack Security and Access

As of Release 5.3.2, Slack App Security can be applied to:

  1. Groups/Channels
  2. Individual Power (PUs) and Regular Users (RUs)
  3. Dimensions

Slack App Security is designed to determine those elements that are accessible to Users in a Slack Channel. It affects the ability to find, view and share the element with other Users in a Slack channel.

To learn more about searching elements in Slack, click Access content via a Slack App

For additional security information governing an individual user's access to an element, see:

1. Group/Channel Security

A Slack Channel access to elements is determined by Group access in Metric Insights.  The Channel will have the same access as an associated Group or Groups.

1.1. Grant Access to Elements to a Slack Channel

To configure this access, go to:

  1. Admin > Utilities > Slack Integration
  2. Channels Tab
  3. Click [Manage Groups] to associate a Group/Groups with a selected Slack Channel

2. Regular and Power User Security

A Regular or Power User may be invited to a Slack Channel. Each individual user's access to elements to the Channel is limited by Group(s) to which the user belongs.

The available access options are described below.

2.1. Only the Channel has access to the element

If the User does not have at least View Access to the element, it will not be shown to them in a Slack Channel, even if the Channel has access to this element.

2.2. Only the User has access to the element

When a PU or RU has at least View Access to an element, they will be able to search this element via the Slack app and Preview this element when a match is found.

If the Channel has NO access to the element:

  1. The element will only be visible to the User who has access to it
  2. It CANNOT be shared with the Channel

2.3. Both the User and the Channel have access to the Element

When element access has been granted to both the User and the Channel, the User will be able to:

  1. Preview the element
  2. Share the element in the Channel

3. Dimension Security

A Power or a Regular User who has View Access to a Dimensioned element and one or more Dimension Values:

  1. Will be able to find and Preview this element only when directly addressing the bot in a Channel or in Direct Messaging with the Bot. User only sees those Dimension Values to which they have access
  2. Will not be able to Share the element if the Group/Channel has access to the element itself but not to its Values

If any of the access permissions change, run the !sync command in Direct Messaging with the Slack app to make those updates effective and force refetch data from the MI Instance.

Usermap security is not supported in Release 5.3.2.