Microsoft Teams Security and Access

Security parameters for Microsoft Teams can be applied to:

  1. Individual Power (PUs) and Regular Users (RUs)
  2. Dimensions

The security model in the MI Chatbot is designed to determine those elements that are accessible to Users in a Microsoft Teams Channel. It affects the ability to find, view and share the element with other Users.

To learn more about searching elements in MS Teams, click Access content in Microsoft Teams

For additional information governing an individual user's access to an element, see:

1. User Security

A Metric Insights' Admin, Power (PU) or Regular User (RU) may be invited to a channel in Microsoft Teams.

1.1. Admin User Access

After an Admin User have been invited to a Channel in Microsoft Teams, they will be able to view all Elements.

1.2. Power/Regular User Access

PU and RU must be first granted access to the required elements.

2. Dimension Security

A Power or a Regular User who has View Access to a Dimensioned element and one or more Dimension Values:

  • Will be able to Find, Preview or Share this element both when addressing the bot in a Channel or in Direct Messaging with the Bot
  • User only sees those Dimension Values to which they have access (In the image above the User has been granted access to only one Dimension Value - Canada)