Connecting MI Chatbot to Metric Insights

This article details how to finish the MI Chatbot configuration by establishing connectivity between MI Chatbot and a Metric Insights server.


  1. Deploy MI Chatbot
  2. Build a Slack App
  3. Connect the Slack App to the main MI application

1. Configure Chatbot

Access Admin > Distribution > Slack Integration > Chatbot tab

  1. Base url of NLU webservice (can include port): http://nlu:5000
  2. Display debug messages: select whether to show debug messages in the chat where the Chatbot is installed
  3. Enable silent search:
    • "true": if users sends any message in the channel where the Chatbot is installed, the user will receive a message only visible to them with the search results based on user input.
    • "false": the bot will not send anything to users unless explicitly invoked via @ messages.
  4. Part of URL which specified Bot namespace: set to /chatbot unless corresponding changes were made in the apache configuration file
  5. Search in tags: enables the search in tile tags
  6. Send broadcast messages to channels: enables notification messages that are sent on restarts or sync fails for all channels where the bot is participating
  7. Slack bot user token: Bot OAuth Access Token
  8. Slack platform is used: to enable Slack Integration, set to "True"
  9. Slack Signing Secret: secret used to verify Slack requests
  10. Slack socket token: App-Level Token
  11. Slack Web API token: OAuth Access Token
  12. URL where the Bot is installed: URL of the server where the bot is installed
  13. Verify ssl check for mi requests: select whether to forbid requests from bot to servers without valid SSL certificate or via unprotected HTTP protocol
    • "true": Such requests are forbidden
    • "false": Such requests are allowed
  14. [Save]
  15. [Sync Chatbot]

2. Restart MI Chatbot

In order to restart the MI Chatbot, run the following command:

sudo docker restart mi-chatbot

3. What's Next?

Having restarted the MI Chatbot, you can make full use of the available functionality (getting data from Metric Insights and sharing it in a Slack Channel).