Bursting to a Microsoft Teams Channel

As of Release 5.6.1, sending a Burst to a Microsoft Teams Channel requires only a few simple steps. Selecting a target channel, a set of elements, and a schedule can now be done directly from the Burst Editor by simply enabling the corresponding option.


For more information on creating Bursts, refer to Create New Burst (Version 5.1.2 and beyond)

1. Access New > Burst

  1. Name: specify the Name for your Microsoft Teams Burst
  2. Content: add Tiles, Folders or Favorites
  3. Schedule: from the dropdown, select the Notification Schedule, or alternatively add a new one by clicking [+]
  4. Send Burst via Teams: activate the Microsoft Teams bursting option and specify the Channel where the Burst will be delivered
    • If the added Tiles do not satisfy Security checks for the selected Channel, a warning message will be shown. For details, view the NOTE below
  5. Save & Enable


Security settings must allow a Microsoft Teams Channel to access elements that are bursted to that Channel.

2. Verify Distribution to Microsoft Teams

After the Burst is distributed based on the selected Notification Schedule, the Microsoft Teams Channel will contain the following information:

  1. Burst Name
  2. Tile Name
  3. Last Measurement Time (for Metrics)
  4. Preview Image