Managing MI Chatbot settings

As of Version 5.5.0, Users are able to search for Metric Insights content via our Microsoft Teams Chatbot.  The scope of their ability to find data in Metric Insights is determined by Security settings.

NOTE: Typically only Metric Insights Admins have the capacity to configure content access.

1. Access command options

MI Chatbot management commands are accessible via Direct Messaging.

  1. Access a Chat for Direct Messaging the MI Chatbot.
  2. Type !help command to see options.

2. MI Chatbot commands

As seen on the example above, there are 4 available commands for the MI Chatbot:

  1. !search (allows Users to search for Tiles)
  2. !sync (runs synchronization with the MI Application and refreshes the list of available Tiles, updates Permissions for Users and Channels)
  3. !help (shows help messages and describes available commands)
  4. !version (displays the current version of the MI Chatbot)

2.1. Using "Search" command

  1. Enter !search + name of Tile (full or a part of)
  2. Possible matches will be displayed in a Suggest List

2.2. Using "Sync" command

  1. Enter !sync to force data refetch from Metric Insights
  2. Verify the results

2.3. Using "Version" command

  1. Enter !version
  2. The Chatbot response message will contain information on:
    • MI Chatbot Version
    • Number of Teams, Channels and Users that are allowed to use the Chatbot