Access content in Microsoft Teams

This article gives an overview of how to use the MI Chatbot to fetch data from Metric Insights. 

  • The ability to search for Metric Insights content with the MI Chatbot is governed by the corresponding Security Provisions (learn more from Microsoft Teams Security).


  1. MI 5.5.0+ application must be installed on your server. 
  2. MI Chatbot must be deployed to your server. 
  3. Microsoft Teams Configuration: an App with bot functions must be created in Microsoft Teams. 
  4. MI Chatbot must be connected to Microsoft Teams Bot App 

1. Ask a question in a Channel


  • To be able to ask the MI Chatbot questions, you must access the required Microsoft Team and Channel first.
  1. Address the MI –°hatbot by typing @bot_name
  2. Double-click the Search field
  3. Enter your question or Tile name in the Search field
  4. Select a Tile from the Suggest List
  5. Preview the Tile
  6. Click the Send button to share your Tile with the channel

2. Direct Messaging the MI Chatbot

For Direct Messaging, access the Group Chat with the MI Chatbot.  

  1. Enter you question or Tile Name in the provided field
  2. Your question/Tile Name will be displayed in the Chat
  3. The MI Chatbot will show possible matches
  4. Select the relevant Tile by double-clicking the white space on it
    • NOTE: If you click the Tile Name, you will be taken to Metric Insights
  5. The Tile will be displayed at the end of the Suggest List
  6. Click [Share]
  7. Select the Team for sharing and [Submit]
  8. Select the Channel for sharing and [Submit]

3. Security Provisions

In Metric Insights, Security settings control which content will be served up to a Microsoft Teams channel. To learn more, refer to Microsoft Teams Security.