Building an App for Slack

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to build a Slack App. The algorithm described here applies for MI Chatbot configuration for Slack:

  1. Deploy MI Chatbot to your server
  2. Build a Slack App
  3. Connect the Slack App to the main MI application
  4. Connnect MI Chatbot to Metric Insights

1. Access Slack API Page

  1. [Create New App]
  2. [From an app manifest]

2. Select a Workspace and Provide a Manifest for the App

  1. Select a workspace for your Slack App
  2. [Next]
  3. On the YAML tab, provide the YAML with the Slack App configuration, use the .yml file below replacing the values of the next three parameters:
    • name: Slack App name
    • display_name: Slack bot name
    • unfurl_domains: MI Application URL
  1. [Next]

3. Install App to Workspace

  1. [Create]
  2. [Install to Workspace]
  3. [Allow]

3.1. Allow Users to Send Slash Commands

Access Features > App Home

  1. Enable 'Allow users to send Slash commands and messages from the messages tab'

4. Generate App-Level Token

Access Settings > Basic Information

  1. [Generate Token and Scopes]
  2. Enter a Token Name
  3. [Add Scope]
  4. Select connections:write
  5. [Generate]
  6. After the token has been generated, its value can be copied from Tokens menu