Collect data using Atlassian Jira Plugin

This article provides details on how to create a Metric or Report using a Jira report as a Data Source. It assumes that you have already established connectivity to Atlassian Jira.

1. Add a new element - an example for Report

Add a new element - an example for Report

2. Define the Basics

Define the Basics

NOTE: We are creating a 'Standard Report' and will continue in the full editor

3. Full Editor displays the Data Collection tab

  1. Select Jira plug-in in the Data Source drop-down list
  2. Select the Project from the drop-down list
  3. Input a Plug-in Query
  4. Validate your query
  5. If the statement is correct, it returns a Sample result set
  6. Click Enable & publish to review the Report

4. Report is displayed in the Viewer


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