Trouble Shooting Alerts

If someone is not receiving Alerts as expected, this feature will assist their manager to verify their Alert setup and Notifications. In order to change any settings, the manager will need to  sign in as this User and adjust settings via the menus displayed under the User Name.

Display the User option for Alerting

Access via Content > Alerts > Alerts by User

  1. Select a User
  2. Verify  Notification Settings are set to "on" or "yes"
  3. In his Notifications Schedule Subscriptions verify that either Immediate Alerts or Alert Digest is set correctly
  4. Verify that Elements (they are always Metrics) are set to be Alerted on and whether or not any have been sent in the last 30 days
  5. Notification History will show the date and email address where  Notifications were sent. This section will also show other types of Notifications sent, such as Bursts.