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Sending Alerts via SMS (Text Messages)

In Metric Insights, it is possible to receive Alert Notifications via text message on the phone. This article describes how the User can configure Notifications to get Alerts via SMS.

1. Setting Alert from My Notification Menu

Access User menu > My Notifications

  1. Enable Immediate Alerts by activating the toggle switch
  2. Open the Immediate Alerts window by clicking the gear icon
  3. Email for Immediate Alerts: Enter email for Immediate Alerts
  4. SMS Email for Immediate Alerts: Type the SMS email
  5. Also send my Alerts via: Choose an additional way to receive reports if needed
  6. Send image with text message: Define either to add the image to the text message
  7. [Save]

NOTE: If you do not know your SMS email address, Google your cell phone service provider. Also, you can check "Send SMS by Email website" and use 'Search' to locate this information for your service provider.

To get charts/graphics, download our mobile app.

2. Setting Alert from Alert Rule Editor

It is also possible to set an Alert to be sent via SMS when creating a new Alert Rule.

3. Example of an SMS Alert