Global Alert Rules Overview

Global Alerting is one of the key features of Metric Insight since it can be applied to an entire set of Metrics. Unlike KPI Alerts that are created for one specific Metric, Global Alerts can be assigned to several of them or to the whole Category. After assigning, if the Metric meets one of the conditions set in the Rules, the Global Alert will send a notification to the User.

NOTE: Global Alert can be created and modified only by an Admin, but is then available for use by all Users.

Creating a New Global Alert Rule

Access Content > Alerts > Global Alerts

[+ New Global Alert Rule] to open the Global Alert Rule Wizard.

1. Select Global Alert Rule Type

Access New > Alert Rule > Global Alert
  • Fixed Value: This will compare the latest measurement value to a specific threshold that you set
  • Prior Value: Compare the latest measurement value to a prior value for the same metric (e.g. value from same time last year)
  • Average of prior values: Compare the latest measurement value to the average of values recorded recently
  • Recent Volatility Levels: Compare the latest measurement value to the standard deviations of the average of values recorded recently
  • Stoplight: By applying this type of alert Rule to a Metric, you activate its Stoplight View. Refer to: Define a Metric's Stoplight
  • Unusual / Best / Worst Value: The Unusual value is determined by setting of Statistical View (# of standard Deviations) in Metric Editor > Charting tab and do not require defining criteria to the Alert Rule itself

For more details about setting the Stoplight or Unusual Rule check folded section below.

Stoplight Alert Rule

Modifying these settings will change the circumstances under which the Metric fall within the Stoplight is red value.

Based on screen above, the data value would have to fall below 5% of Target twice after having been above 5% at least one time.

Unusual Value Alert Rule

Unusual alerts are triggered when a value falls outside of Statistical range set individually for each Metric. This value is set in the Charting tab of the Metric Editor; the default is 2 Standard Deviations. The alerts generated will be labeled as either an Unusual Low or Unusual High.

2. Alert Criteria

This step is going to have different set of Alert criteria options depending on the Alert Rule Type.

Unusual / Best / Worst Value Alert rules do not require defining criteria.

3. Select Notification Method

Choose how the User will receive the Alert Notification and when.