What options are available for manually loading metric and report data?

If the data for your metric or report is only available in Excel file, you can load this data using the following options:

  1. Upload from a CSV version of the file from your local machine
  2. Key Entry of Manual Metrics using the Add Metric Value pop-up (for metrics ONLY)

You can select an option based on the characteristics of the file that contains your data. Each option can be used for both Dimensioned and Undimensioned elements. Each method is further explained below and any technical restrictions are identified.

Note: New in Version 5.0, the concept of Datasets was introduced, replacing the manual loading of Report data. For more information, see Understanding Datasets

1. Load from a file

Load from a file

This option allows you to select a delimited file for uploading and:

  • Is available both on Mac and PC
  • Provides a sample CSV file if needed

For more information, see:

Source Metric Data from CSV

2. Load Metric Data using manual data entry

Load Metric Data using manual data entry

Features include:

  • Dynamically adapts to to both Dimensioned and Undimensioned Manual Metrics
  • Measurement Values are entered one at a time for each Measurement time for a period determined by the Metric's Measurement Interval; for example, Daily, Weekly

For more information, see Enter Metric Data Manually