Develop Report Chart based on the Result Set (without a Pivot)

Creating Reporting Charts has been greatly enhanced by using the new Dataset Reporting feature - see Dataset Reports Overview (New in 5.3)

This article describes how to create charts from the underlying data set in a Report without first creating Pivot Tables.  This applies to situations where the core data set that is collected can be directly charted.  This article assumes that the desired report has been created and is open in the Report Editor.  

See also: Create a Simple (Undimensioned) Report

1. Edit new or existing Report

Click on the + Chart in the Report Content tab of the Report Editor

2. Specify Basic Chart Information

  1. Select Report Result Set
  2. Select a Chart type you want to use for visualizing the data (use 'What chart type should I use'  link if unsure)
  3. Select a Chart Layout from
  4. For Line/Bar charts, you must also specify the additional fields along with the value to be used to chart X-Axis Values  

Save to access full Chart Editor

3. Complete input on Chart Information tab

  1. Review the overall charting controls in the Chart Information section
  2. Customize the X-axis Title
  3. Modify the Y Axis Title if necessary
  4. Modify chart content settings if you only want to chart a subset of the values in the Result Set
  5. Specify your confidence intervals if you want them included (Add Confidence Intervals to a Report Chart)

4. Access other tabs as needed

  1. Apply filters via Chart Filters tab
  2. If you are working with JavaScript Charts, you may need to add your Custom Charting Variables (see JavaScript Charting section for more details)

5. Preview Chart

You can continue to modify your settings and generate further previews as-needed.  Once you are satisfied with your chart, Close preview

6. Update Report or return to Report Editor

 Once you are satisfied with your chart, you can either:

  1. Navigate back to the Report Editor by clicking on the Back button


2.   Update live Report to save your changes and transfer to Report Viewer