Add External Visualization to a Report (Versions prior to 5.3)

Adding External Visualizations to Reports has been greatly simplified by using the new Dataset Reporting feature - see Dataset Reports Overview (New in 5.3)

External Visualization is one of the report's components that visualizes information from external sources.  It is an easy way to include charts using links to the other objects.  You can adjust the width and height of the External Image that displays in the Report Viewer.

1. Methods of Adding External Visualization

Use one of the methods described below to create External Visualization component.

1.1. Add using Button

  1. Click the [+ External Visualization] button located in  Report Content tab

1.2. Use the Menu

Use the Menu
  1. Use the down-arrow on Query Results Header

1.3. Associate the External Visualization with a Pivot Table

Associate the External Visualization with a Pivot Table
  1. Click the down-arrow on a Pivot Table's Entry

NOTE:  The External Visualization will display with the related Pivot Table on the Report Viewer

2. Enter a Name

  1. On the Add External Visualization pop-up, enter a descriptive, unique title in the Name field


3. Complete the Definition

  1. Input the URL for this External object
  2. Optionally, change the image Width and Height
  3. Save & preview to review image

4. Review the Preview

  1. Review any Parameters passed to the External URL displayed along with the image (no parameters were passed with this example)
  2. If Image is correct, Update Live Report

5. Examine the Report Viewer

The selected External Visualization displays on the Report