What is the Impact of Charting Intervals on Charts?

The setting for Index Charting Interval on the Measurement Interval Editor is established when a Charting Interval is added to a Measurement Interval.  This setting is used to govern the generation of the thumbnail shown on the tile and the Chart Preview images, and it is also the Charting Interval that opens up when you access the element in the Viewer.  Only one Charting Interval is 'indexed' for each Measurement Interval.  

This setting impacts Metric and Multi-Metric Charts. The example below is for a Metric.

For more information, see Update Measurement Interval Settings

1. Access Admin > Reference Objects > Measurement Intervals

Review the settings for the defined Measurement Interval

For this example we use Daily Measurement Interval

  1. Open a Measurement Interval Editor. The Editor opens on the Interval Definition tab automatically
  2. Open the Charting Intervals tab
  3. Note the Index Charting interval setting. In our example 2 Months interval is defined as an Index Charting Interval

2. Open a Daily Metric

  1. Notice that the time frame in the tile and the Chart Preview are the same
  2. See that the time frame represents the 'indexed' Charting Interval of '2 Months' ('2 m') and corresponds to the Full Chart view shown below

2.1. Open the Full Chart view

  1. Note that this example uses a Daily Measurement Interval
  2. See that the default value in the Charting Interval buttons is '2m' ('2 Months').
  3. Notice that the Charting Interval buttons correspond to those set in the Daily Measurement Interval Editor's Charting Intervals grid

NOTE: You can use any Charting Interval button to see more or less data points on a Chart