What are External Reports?

This will describe how Metric Insights interfaces with other 3rd party BI Tools like Tableau, Microstrategy, etc.

When creating a new element, two choices allow you to link to Reports you've already developed in other BI platforms, like Tableau, Crystal Reports, or Microstrategy.  

The difference between an 'External Report' and 'Other External Content' is

  • With an External Report you can actually drill down from another Metric Insights tile into the specified external report passing specified filters to show selected value in External platform.  
  • External Content, however, is just any URL of your choosing that will not be passed any dynamic parameters from Metric Insights.
1. Create a new External Report (Access New >External Report > BI tool)

1.1. Fill in the basics for new External Report

Fill in Basic information and select [Next: define details]

The Full editor for External Reports will display; its contents are based upon the specific BI Tool requirements. Below is an example

  1. Fields vary, but new in V5.5.1 is the option to display Collaboration and Footer information.  The default value is set to show these fields, but may be unchecked to remove them from the Viewer or External Webpage.

This example is using QlikSense as our BI tool. The Configuration of any External Report is specific to each BI tool and so varies. See the following for articles for specifics based on your BI system:

To find out which BI tools are supported by Metric Insights, refer to Metric Insights' Plug-ins.

2. Create new External Content (Access New > External Content)

Select a unique Name and add the External Content URL

If you need additional assistance after you select [Next: define details], see How to link to Other External Content

3. External tool authentication

Each URL that Metric Insights will link too will, of course, require some form of log in for that system. Metric Insights will not be able to bypass authentication to any other system.

4. End result

Once External Reports/Content are created, a Business User will be able to seamlessly link to a variety of relevant reports all from their own personal list of favorites or report categories they have access to.


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