Setting up Windows Server Shared Folder

Moving a large amount of data into Microsoft SQL Server is most performant by bulk loading via a shared folder. This document describes the steps required to setup a shared folder in Windows Server 2019.


You can also install a Microsoft SQL Agent to improve INSERT performance.

Example Specifications:

  • SQL Windows Server : Windows Server 2019 Standard (Desktop Experience)
  • MI Application 6.2.0: Debian 10 / Ubuntu 18.04 / CentOS 7 / CentOS 8

Open Shared folder on Windows Server

  1. Right click on Shared Folder → PropertiesSharing tabShare

2. Add user for Shared folder

3. Turn on Network Discovery for all public networks

4. Make sure that SMB ports (139 and 445) on Windows Server is opened and you have access to SMB from Linux Instance

Mount Shared folder from Windows to Linux instance

Make sure that your Linux Instance have access to Windows Server.

  1. Create Shared folder
$ mkdir -p /opt/mi/shared
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2. Install required package

Via Debian or similar OS:

$ apt-get install cifs-utils
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Via RedHat or similar OS:

$ yum install cifs-utils
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3. Mount Shared folder from Windows Server to Linux Instance

root@mi61:/opt/mi# sudo mount -t cifs // /opt/mi/shared -o user=Administrator
Password for Administrator@//  *******
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  • - IP of Windows Server with opened Shared Folder
  • mi-shared - Opened folder on Windows Server
  • /opt/mi/shared - folder for mount on Linux Instance
  • user=Administrator - Windows Server user for access to  shared folder

4. Confirm that mounting was successful

Mount Shared folder to Docker Container

To add the shared folder to Docker container, add a mount point from Linux Instance to Docker container.

1. Edit docker-compose yml file of docker container

$ vi /opt/mi/config/deployment/docker-compose.dataprocessor.yml
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2. Add mount point


  • /opt/mi/shared:/opt/mi/shared:rw - shared folder on Linux Instance and inside Docker container, with read/write permissions

  3. Launch the dataprocessor via root user

$ vi /opt/mi/config/deployment/credentials/dataprocessor.env
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And set variable USER=root

Variable USER=root need  to set possibility for running dataprocessor by root user with access to shared folder

4. Recreate the Docker container

$ mi-control up -d dataprocessor
Recreating mi_dataprocessor_1 ... done
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5. Check Shared folder inside docker container

$ docker exec -it mi_dataprocessor_1 bash
$ cd /opt/mi/shared
$ touch file_from_container
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