Setting the System Variables

Metric Insights utilizes a series of "config parameters" that control the behavior of your application.   Changes to a configuration parameter are made using the UI on the System Variables screen

Name  changed from Configuration Variable to System Variable (6.x Release)

1. Access Admin > System > System Variables

Access Admin > Utilities > Config Variables

To locate specific variables, limit the display:

  1. By Function using the Drop-down
  2. By Name/Description using the Search function

2. View definition of parameter or change its value

Variables - Google Chrome
  1. Hover over the parameter name to view the definition and default value
  2. Select the Edit gear to change the parameter value

3. Enter a New Value and Save

SImply enter new value and Save

4. Changed Values will Display with Highlight

Changed values will display with highlight

For changes to take effect, you must [Commit Changes]