Data Storages Available to All

In Release 6.2.1, a new setting on the Data Storage Editor allows a Storage to be made "Available to all content creators" using a checkbox. In addition, each Power User is granted automatic access to the Default Data Storage created for the instance as well as to those available to all.

At a minimum, Power Users can use the Default Data Storage when creating a Dataset.  If any other Data Storages have been set to be "Available to all content creators", each Power User automatically is able to use those Data Storage.  These Data Storages may not be individually granted to a specific Power User.

For Groups, an Admin or Power User with Edit Access to the Group, may want the Group to use a specific Data Storage whether or it is set to "Available to all content creators" or not.  Logic allows these Data Storages to be explicitly granted to a Group and will remain available to all Power User members of that Group, regardless of the status of its "Available to all content creators" setting's option.

It is possible to change the "Available to all content creators" setting to prevent its use by all Power Users.  In this case, it is automatically removed from all Power Users except those who are members of a Group to which access has been explicitly granted to a Group.

1. "Available to all content creators" Setting:  Dataset Editor > Info Tab