Clear Metric Insights Data

1. Obtain a Fresh Install

Install a new base Metrics Insight application instance.

Obtaining a new instance is beyond the scope of this document.  See Install a New Instance of Metric Insights or consult your contact if you have any questions

2. Backup / Restore

Once you have the new, clean, application instance up and running, take a backup from the instance you want to clone and “restore” it on the new instance.

See the following articles that describe how to use the mi-app-backup and mi-app-restore tools for how to complete this task:

Backup your Metric Insights Instance

Restore your Metric Insights Instance

3. Set New Sources

This step is specific to your metrics.

  1. Log into the new instance, which should now look identical to the instance you cloned,
  2. Reconfigure the metric data sources to point to the new locations.

For instance, if you were collecting data from a MySQL instance called, you will want to change the data source to

Should you have any questions about this, consult your MetricsInsight technical contact.

4. Reset and Collect New Data

Now that the new data sources have been configured you will run a command to clear out all old data in your application from the cloned instance, and fetch new data from the new data source.

Log into the instance and execute the following:

# cd /var/www/iv/data/bin && sudo ./

NOTE: This is a simple command, but it can take a long time (several hours) to complete, depending on all the data to be collected.