Track Content Engagement Counts

Metric Insights allows users to understand how their organization interacts with the content by displaying  Engagement counts on Tiles, Tile Previews, Element Viewers, and the Element list.

By default, Engagement counts are comprised of the combination of views logged from desktop, mobile, and emails within the last 60 days. This duration factor can be configured under System Variables.

1. Configure the System Variable

Access Admin > System > System Variables

  1. Find the ENGAGEMENT_COUNT_TIME_WINDOW variable by filtering on "engagement"
    • The variable defines the window of time (in days) to be used when calculating the Engagement counts displayed on Tile Previews and Element Viewers.  The default value is 60 days.
  2. Click the Edit icon on the rightmost side of the row with the Variable to change the Variable
  3. Enter your value and [Save]
  4. [âś“Commit Changes]

2. Locations of Engagement Count Displays

2.1. Tile Hover Popups

2.2. Tile Previews

2.3. Element Viewers

2.4. Element List Page