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Confirm that Login Credentials Were Not Corrupted During Upgrade

Metric Insights login credentials are stored in a MySQL table within the Metric Insights application. They are not changed during the upgrade process, and should remain exactly as they were before you applied the upgrade. If you happen to be running two Metric Insights servers (a realistic scenario if you need a production environment as well as a test environment) and find that you can no longer login to one of them following the upgrade, you can compare credentials between the two servers to see if anything has gotten corrupted.

Get Credentials from the Application

To get Metric Insights login credentials from the application, connect to the server by ssh and run the following command from the shell prompt:

mysql -u root -pm3tr1c dashboard

That will log you in to the MySQL client and select 'dashboard' as the database to be used for queries. Then run the following SQL code:

Select username, password from user where username = 'admin';

Note: The 'where' clause is optional. We included it in this example in case you want to check a particular user.

The results should look like this:

username: admin

password: f37812bd32e42082a236a6ec1583377b

The 'password' entry is actually a 'hash' of the real password. You can use it to verify that you've got the right password, for instance, by comparing the hash values between your Production and Test servers. (You *cannot* use the hash in place of the real password.)