Tableau Error Codes

Code Description/Troubleshooting

Invalid connection parameters for Tableau Plugin.


Invalid operation with an object.

  • Default image for WORKBOOK with name: '{workbook_name}' is missing.
TAB-201 Cannot get a trusted ticket. 
TAB-202 This Tableau server version doesn't support token auth.
  • 2021.1 or above is required.
TAB-203 Unexpected response.
  • Check your credentials and site name are entered correctly. 
  • Make sure you have permissions to access the required site. 
TAB-204 The "trusted" auth type doesn't support this command via REST.
  • Make sure you are accessing Tableau via Web API. This can be configured at the Advanced Configuration Page > Loading Strategy.
TAB-205 The legacy auth method works only for Tableau version 9 or earlier.

The current auth type does not support token authorization.

  • Try switching to the "default", "trusted", or "token" auth type.
TAB-208  Cannot get a trusted ticket. Unexpected response.
  • Check whether SSO or proxy is configured for Tableau. This can restrict access at the required URL. Find instructions on how to configure trusted auth in Using Trusted Auth on Tableau Server.
TAB-209 Collecting PDFs from Workbooks is not supported when trusted auth is in use. To collect a Workbook, disable trusted auth and make sure a REST API connection is configured.

Current Tableau version is not supported. 

  • Minimum requirement is version 9.3.
TAB-302 A user does not have the Download permission. This permission is granted for each specific Workbook on the Tableau side.
  • The Download permission is needed to get additional metadata. In case it is not required to get metadata, the Read permission will suffice. 
TAB-303 A user does not have the Read permission. This permission is granted for each specific Workbook on the Tableau side.

The resource is not available. 

  • Try to refresh the object list. 
  • Make sure the Workbook hasn't been deleted from the Tableau server.
  • Make sure the Workbook hasn't been republished under a different ID. 
TAB-501 Failed to execute the request. Contact the Tableau administrator to make sure that:
  • API is enabled;
  • a load balancer/proxy/firewall is correctly configured.

Unexpected response from Tableau server.

  • Make sure to embed credentials for the data source live connection.