Tableau Error Codes

Code Troubleshooting

Invalid connection parameters for Tableau Plugin.

  • Ensure that all connection parameters are correct.
TAB-201 Cannot get a trusted ticket. 
  • Check whether the auth type is correctly configured.
TAB-202 This Tableau server version doesn't support token auth.
  • 2021.1 or above is required.
TAB-203 Unexpected response.
  • Check your credentials and a site.
TAB-204 The "trusted" auth type doesn't support this command via REST.
TAB-205 The legacy Tableau auth method does not work for Tableau version 9 or earlier.

Current auth type does not support token authorization.

  • Token auth is supported only by RSA, TRUSTED, and TOKEN auth types.

Current Tableau version is not supported. 

  • Minimum requirement is version 9.3.
TAB-302 A user does not have the download permission.
TAB-303 A user does not have the Read permission.

The resource is not available. 

  • Try to refresh the object list. 
  • The resource might have been deleted from the Tableau server.
TAB-501 Failed to execute the request.
  • Check the availability of the resource. Contact the resource administrator.
TAB-502 Failed to check the response request.
  • Check the availability of the resource.

Unexpected response from Tableau server.

  • Need to embed credentials for the data source live connection.